Microsoft® has gifted us with some tremendous software to help us run fast and efficient offices, conduct presentations, and create communication for our colleagues, clients, and operations. Microsoft Office, which contains Publisher, Word, Excel and Power Point, is a frequently used and highly recommended software for just this type of work and, in fact, is so popular that many personal computers come with this software already installed.

However, these types of software are designed as home and/or office utility programs and were created primarily for output to home or office laser and inkjet printers. They were not created for output for commercial printing. The problems encountered with files created in these office utility programs can sometimes be costly and result in delayed printing of your job.

If you or your business are planning to design items for commercial printing, an investment in proper desktop publishing software cannot be overemphasized. It will save you time, money and frustration in the long run, as well as improve the quality of your designs and the speed and accuracy of your printing projects. If you plan to print commercially and to design in-house, Kenwel’s Prepress Department highly recommends purchasing programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite®, which develops output to high resolution imagesetters and presses.

We are always happy to assist you with guidance in your purchase or to design for you, if this is more cost effective.


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