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Color Digital Printing

Color Digital Printing, Kenwel Printers Inc., Bright Feathers

Looking for expertise in digital printing with high-quality color, faster turnaround and a lower cost? Look no further than Kenwel’s digital color printing services for full-spectrum CMYK color when you need it.


What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a modern method of producing printed product. Instead of creating a printing plate for a press [see Offset Printing], an image is sent directly to the printer by way of a digital file such as a PDF or a graphic program like Adobe® InDesign or Quark® QuarkXPress. The result is faster preparation and minimal set-up time. Removing a step in the printing process means the final product is created faster. Because the process is less labor-intensive, the product costs less. And with no machine set-up for large, economic run times, digital printing is much more flexible and accessible: you can print as little as one copy if needed. Newer digital printers are capable of producing excellent quality in full-spectrum CMYK color with minimal lead time. The use of digital files to create the final product allows you to incorporate variable data to customize each product.


Digital Color Copy Service

Kenwel Printers’ digital color copy service means you get the same bold, beautiful color quality of printing in your copying projects. Call 614.261.1011 to schedule service so we can have your copies ready when you are.


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