70 Years - Kenwel Printers, Inc.

Kenwel Printers, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company specializing in print production and related services.

We are grateful for our customers and proud to be celebrating 70 years in the Central Ohio business community.

Kenwel Printers

4272 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH 43214

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70 Years - Kenwel Printers, Inc.

Kenwel Printers, Inc. is a locally owned and operated full-service print production and mail house.

We are grateful for our customers and proud to be celebrating 70 years in the Central Ohio business community.

Mailing & Fulfillment Services
© 2014 Kenwel Printers, Inc. Mailing & Fulfillment Services..

Kenwel Printers is a single-source, in-house solution for database management and processing, bulk mail preparation, and bindery.  We work with you to ensure all mail piece formats are designed for the best postal rates.  Learn more about how Kenwel Printers can save you time and money with its Mailing & Fulfillment Services.

Variable Data Printing
© 2014 Kenwel Printers, Inc. Variable Data Printing.

Studies show that when customers are presented with personalized messages which include their name and images tailored to their demographic, the normal response rate of two percent can increase by as much as 2 to 15 times.  A personalized message with every print, driven by your data file begins with Kenwel’s Variable Data Printing services.

Offset Printing

© 2014 Kenwel Printers, Inc. 2- and 4-Color Offset Printing..

Kenwel’s expertise and knowledge in two- and four-color offset printing processes give you the precise and professional results you demand for your high volume projects. Our skilled press professionals coupled with our Prepress experts allow you to create a piece that is stunning. Learn more about Offset Printing.

Color Digital Printing

Get rich, bold, beautiful color at an affordable cost on your smaller volume projects.  With over 65 years in the business of creating beautiful print pieces, we can help you choose the best options that meet your budget, from layout and design to paper choice.  Learn more about Color Digital Printing now.

Envelope Printing
© 2014 Kenwel Printers, Inc. Custom Envelope Printing..

Representing your company with professional quality stationery shows a level of permanence and commitment to your product, which translates in trust to the consumer. It is that first impression that helps build connection. Learn more about Kenwel’s Envelope Printing.

Complete In-House Bindery
© 2014 Kenwel Printers, Inc. Complete In-House Bindery..

Get the help you need from printing a project to finishing it perfectly. Kenwel offers a complete in-house bindery house capable of completing your bound, printed material with a variety of finishes. Learn more about our bindery services.

Professional Prepress Services
© 2014 Kenwel Printers, Inc. Color Management & Prepress Expertise..

Our Prepress professionals are skilled in the art and science of color and design and in preparing digital files accurately and precisely for translation to a digital printer or offset press. Color management and file preparation are key service components that are absent when you choose a cheaper print source, and it can cost you both time and quality in the long run. Learn more about our Prepress Department.

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