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Offset Printing

Offset Printing, Kenwel Printers, Brilliant CYMK Inks

For the highest quality printing, two-color and four-color offset printing— traditional press printing — offers the best cost for large quantities and the best quality per piece. Hand’s down.

Working with a knowledgeable printer who can make the switch from digital printing to offset, or vice versa, can be a game changer in an important project where image, quality and cost matters. Kenwel Printers is there to help guide you.

Offset printing is a highly skilled process dating back to the 1400s when Johannes Gutenberg and his moveable type press revolutionized society with a tool that offered the common man printed material in mass production. We’ve come a long way since the hand-operated Gutenberg press and oil based inks, but the art, craft and precision of the printing press and its skilled operators still remains relevant.

If your plan is to make an impact on your customer, make a positive one. For the most accurate detail and color management in high quantity printing, don’t compromise on your message delivery. Contact Kenwel today and let us help you make the impact you desire.


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