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Prepress Help Topics

Mistakes in layout and design account for 80% of prepress costs when a file goes to a commercial print shop. Most of these mistakes can be eliminated if a graphic designer knows standard design errors and how to avoid them.  Check out some helpful Designing for Print Tips that will help save you costly prepress errors, missed deadlines, and substandard output. Never hesitate to contact us at any point along the way in order to design for print with success.



All About Fonts

Fonts are files, typically copyright-protected, but any font can be shared with a printer to help you make a project. All fonts are not found on all machines so please: invite these along before submitting your project. This post provides important information to help you understand and submit fonts to us for preparation.

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Supplying Graphics

This topic provides helpful tips for providing graphics in the best format for commercial printing, as well as other tips to guide you in supplying your graphics.

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