We support and accept a variety artwork documents and files** created with:

  • Acrobat (.pdf) PDF files cannot generally be edited. If the file will require changes or updates at any point, it is best to let us reset it in a layout program such as InDesign if you cannot do this yourself.
  • The Adobe Creative Suite — Adobe InDesign for page layout (.ind);  Adobe Photoshop for raster art (.psd); Adobe Illustrator for vector art (.ai, .eps). You can learn more about the difference in vector and raster art from our All EPS Files Are Not Created Equal article.
  • Adobe Pagemaker (.pmd) – Pagemaker is a predecessor to Adobe InDesign and it will be converted to InDesign in our system
  • Postscript File (.ps)
  • Quark XPress (.qxp)


In some cases, we can support Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), and Publisher (.pub) files, however these office programs do not produce output conducive to commercial print requirements. They can frequently yield an inadequate file for print. You can learn more in our article entitled Investing in the Right Tools for the Job.

If you have another program you would like to use to create a document, or if you would like us to re-layout the project in Adobe InDesign, we can help. If so, please export the design as a PDF at full size, with full crop marks and bleed, and include ALL fonts and support files.

Please note that full resolution graphics must be supplied. Make sure links are either embedded or included. Please outline all text or supply the fonts separately. Someone from our Customer Service Department or Design Department will contact you if there seems to be an issue.


Have further questions for Prepress?

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