Bindery – Experienced Cutter/Folder Operator
Kenwel Printers, an established central Ohio commercial printing company is hiring an experienced cutter and folder operator for our bindery department.

The Cutter and Folder Operator is responsible for the set up, adjustment and safe operation of all cutting and folding equipment to prepare product to be packed, collated, or bound, ensuring that all items produced meet customer specifications in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Review job tickets and plan work processes to meet customer specifications for custom jobs.
Inspect press sheet and identify order types.
Set up assigned machine to specifications, obtain approval of set up and run product when indicated by Supervisor/Plant Management.
Monitor assigned machine during run to ensure adherence to specifications and make adjustments as needed to maintain specifications and operating speed.
Ensure the completion of jobs meeting quality and quantity requirements.
Troubleshoot machine problems, resolve if possible, notifying Bindery Supervisor/Plant Management.
Replace worn cutting blades with hand tools when required.
Complete and maintain all required paperwork, records, documents, etc.  Follow and comply with all safety and work rules and regulations including departmental housekeeping standards.
Ensure all equipment, tools, and work station are in good working order and is free of any safety hazards.
Report any and all workplace hazards to Supervisor/Plant Management immediately.
Wear all assigned Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required.
Report all work related injuries, illnesses and/or near misses to Supervisor/Plant Management immediately. 
Keep all work area/work stations clean and safe in compliance with our housekeeping guidelines.
Follow and adhere to all workplace safety rules and guidelines.

Required Skills
Able to read and comprehend job tickets and customer specifications.
Able to communicate effectively with other employees.
Able to solve practical problems.
Good hand/eye coordination.
Excellent attention to detail.
Quality Oriented.
Team player – stays to get the job done.

Job Location
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Position Type
First Shift

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Doug Castle
Human Resources Mgr.
Kenwel Printers, Inc.

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